Worth knowing

What should you consider when buying hand-dyed wool?

Our dyes are handmade and therefore each piece is unique. We use wool with the same name, although always the same colors, but there can occur the colors a little darker or lighter or one color is more dominant than the other


To receive a beautiful knitting result in larger projects, use the wool of 2 balls alternately, as if you would knit a striped sweater. Only in this way any differences in color balance out and there is a harmony


Our wool is usually delivered as a strand, which must be wound into a ball first before you can use it. You are welcome to use our service and get your wool winded as finished ball. Gradient yarn will be delivered as a cake - you can start knitting immediately.


To ensure an ideal care, we recommend hand washing with liquid wool detergent. This is most appropriate since it dissolves better in luke warm water than powder and doesn’t leave residues in the yarn.

Do not use fabric softener case, these bonds the fibers!